Wiemann Loft Bi-Fold-Panorama Door Functional Wardrobe

£ 487.00

If you’re looking for stylish, versatile, modern german wardrobes then you’ve come to the right place!The exciting Wiemann Loft range takes combination wardrobes to new heights, with versatility guaranteed. The cupboards are either full length or can have three base drawers and again the combinations are all about flexibility. Now there is also a fabulous, spacious corner unit, too. Loft is from Wiermann’s VIP range, there are smart grey and white striped interiors and internal shelving fittings which include a swivel shelf – perfect for TVs – plus plenty of smart wire storage accessories.Naturally, there’s the usual range of bedside and larger chests of drawers, a bedframe in various sizes and lengths, and additional light fittings for beds, bedside and wardrobes.There are matching bedframes and chests of drawers, too.Modern bedroom and sophisticated storage solutions made in Germany. Wiemann Furniture is available at UK best highstreet stores. However you may find different names used in each store for Wiemann Loft Functional Wardrobe & can be found under the name as Pacifica Functional Wardrobe, Elara Functional Wardrobe & Akita Functional Wardrobe, ROSARIO Functional Wardrobe

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