Rauch Hildesheim Extra Wardrobe

£ 539.00

If you’re looking for stylish, versatile, modern german wardrobes then you’ve come to the right place! Rauch Hildesheim-Extra provides you with that all-important extra storage space.Over two meters tall and up to almost three meters wide the spacious hinged door wardrobe offers space for all your clothes and more. Its modern colour combinations based around the colour white makes the furniture look less massive – in spite of its size. Drawers in carcase colour or mirror doors have an eye-catching effect. Especially neat: The narrow upper drawer with an internal divider provides the perfect space for your accessories. The large wardrobe with a Passepartout frame is available in three different sizes and come with a set of matching bedside tables and chests. Modern bedroom and sophisticated storage solutions made in Germany. Boxing Day Hinged Door Wardrobe

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