Asdar - media cabinet

£ 629.00

Total dimensions:
Height - 126cm - 49.6"
Width - 255cm - 100.4"
Depth - 40cm - 15.7"

Dimensions (Height / Width / Depth)
1x Hanging Cabinet: 45/126/40 cm - 17.7"/49.6"/15.7"
1x Glass Cabinet: 30/90/40 cm - 11.8"/35.4"/15.7"
1x TV Cabinet: 210/30/40 cm - 82.7"/11.8"/15.7"
1x Shelf: 180/2/25 cm - 70.9"/0.8"/9.8"

Body: Oak Dark.
Fronts: Oak Dark, black high gloss PVC

Body: Matt laminate finish, made of MDF board.

Dark is a TV wall unit that offers the best modern design. It will perfectly fit into any living room! It contains push door opening system, without any handles, and has an open space for electronic components. Front doors with soft-opening mechanism. The tall cabinet has partially glazed cabinets that are illuminated with LED lighting. Doors are opened on push-open system.

Furniture is packed in packages with instructions and elements for self-assembly.

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