Cela I - Living room furniture set

£ 590.00

The set consists of 6 elements: two C02 hanging cabinets, two C04 TV cabinets and two C05 hanging displays.

All elements of the Corona collection and other sets are available at other auctions.

Dimensions (height / width / depth):

C02 (34/105/32 cm)
C04 (37.5 / 150/43 cm)
C05 (116.5 / 45/32 cm)
The dimensions of the TV cabinet are given for the standing option. The height of the front is 34cm.

Available colours:

white (body) + white gloss (fronts)
black (body) + black gloss (fronts)
golden oak (body and fronts)

Furniture is packed in packages with instructions and elements for self-assembly.

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