Idea M1 - living room entertainment center with bio fireplace

£ 629.00

Total Dimensions

Height: 190 cm / 74.8"
Width: 240 cm / 78.8"
Depth: 40 cm / 15.7"

Item Dimensions:
Height / Width / Depth
1 x TV cabinet with fireplace - 40/160/40 cm - 15.7"/63"/15.7" and two front doors in high gloss
2 x Site hanging cabinet 40/170/29 cm - 15.7"/66.9"/11.4" front in high-gloss, front open system PUSH-CLICK, within four shelves.
2 x Shelves: 20/120/20 cm - 7.9" /47.2" /7.9"

internal dimensions - Height: 12.6 inches/ 32cm, Width: 29.2 inches/ 74cm, Depth: 4.2 inches/ 10,5cm
external dimensions - Height: 15.8 inches/40cm, Width: 35.4 inches/90cm, Depth: 4.7 inches/12cm
The capacity of the container for bio-fuel is 1 lite
Fireplace window: width 74 / height 32 / depth 10.5 [cm]
Weight: 10 kg
Material: Powder coated sheet, Stainless steel
Colour: black mat
Burning time: 3-9 h / l
Heating power: 1.6 to 6 kW
Tank capacity: 1 liter
Tank dimensions: 525 mm x 60 mm

This tv stand offers the best modern design
Push door opening system without handles.
Body: Matt laminate finish / High gloss front doors made of MDF board.
Open spaces for electronic components.
Front doors with soft-opening mechanism.

Fireplace material:
Powder coated steel in white steel surrounding frame.
Fuel type: biofuel from biological alcohol. Bio ethanol fuel is not included.

Idea is a modern wall unit that combines both modern design and contemporary minimalist design with straight lines and high-gloss fronts. The fireplace which gives this entertainment center its one-of-a-kind look.
The unit offers a considerable storage space and is a perfect location for any size TV (The unit is modular so the wall cabinets can be distributed as wide or as high as you need, allowing you to have a Tv screen you wish.)

Furniture is packed in packages with instructions and elements for self-assembly.

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