Milano Sideboard 1D - white contemporary dresser

£ 245.00


Height - 83 cm - 32,7”

Width - 75 cm - 29,5”

Depth - 35 cm - 13,8”


Body in: WHITE

High gloss door in: BLACK, WHITE, PURPLE, BURGUNDY

Stylish SIDEBOARD from Milano collection adds a fresh contemporary touch to your living room

Material / finish: both sides laminated board - 0.7 inch thick. PVC veneer of 0.01, durable and resistant to moisture

Door made of MDF board covered with high gloss acrylic veneer: 0.1" PVC. Back panel made of HDF

Tip-on handle-less door opening system

Shelves with colour LED illumination as presented in the photo.

Touch TIP-ON opening system (no handle).

Modern and unique design. Easy to install with pins and eccentric type connections. Clear VISUAL assembly instructions manual. Brand New. Flat-Packed furniture, ready to assemble, with easy to follow visual instructions.

Furniture is packed in packages with instructions and elements for self-assembly.

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