Mercia 5m x 4m 28mm Log Thickness Single Glazed Home Office with Assembly

£ 5 110.00

This Mercia 5m x 4m Home Office Director Log Cabin offers an extremely large and versatile open plan space that can provide new life to your garden. The space is filled with natural light thanks to the four large windows and with large windowed double doors you will feel welcome in the space. The windows can be upgraded from single glazing to double glazing to ensure the heat retention. The walls are constructed of tongue and groove cladding. All of our log cabins are made using only ethically sourced FSC® certified timber and are all made here in the UK by our highly skilled team. Our cabins are supplied un-treated and will require a coat of high quality timber treatment shortly after construction. This log cabin will be delivered in individual tongue and groove timber lengths and should be constructed on a firm and level base.

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