Vortex Geometric Wall Mirror

£ 199.00

This stunning geometric, tessellated glass wall mirror creates a fascinating arrangement of triangular shapes, fitted together to create a striking 3D optical illusion. A central mirrored decagon features a wide border of triangular mirrored pieces, interlocked in a careful pattern creating a clever 3D effect. Although only 3cm deep, each triangular mirrored piece is bevelled, creating a multi-faceted effect, which gives a sense of movement and plays with reflected light. The embellished border around the glass creates a kaleidoscope mirror, throwing reflections from the room in every direction with breath-taking effect. The triangles mirror is a substantial decorative piece and at 80cm in diameter will certainly catch the eye and give any room the wow factor. Dimensions (WDH): 80 x 3 x 80cm

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