Breasley UNO Pocket 1000 Mattress - King Size (5' x 6'6")

£ 289.95

This superb mattress comes from the Breasley UNO range and is sure to give a great nights sleep The manufacturers have taken a conventional pocket spring design and added 50mm of highdensity foam to it This sort of foam not only helps make the mattress more durable but also helps keep the body gently supported and correctly aligned while resting As such it is ideal for those who might suffer from conditions such as backache The end result is a stylish comfortable mattress which helps protect you as you restThe UNO Pocket 1000 mattress is rated as Medium for firmness This makes it perfect if you do not like it too hard or too soft Getting it up to your bedroom once delivered is no problem thanks to the clever vacuum packaging it arrives in This packaging means you can say goodbye to spending hours awkwardly navigating your new mattress up the stairs or through small spacesInstead you just unpack the mattress from its box in your bedroom in a few minutes When done the mattress will expand and be ready to use in only a couple of hours Please note that the mattress must be unrolled within 1 month of purchase for best resultsBut what other features does this mattress from Breasley offerFirstly there are the 1000 pocket springs which provide total support as you rest and helps distribute your weight evenly The more pocket springs there are the better support you get the 1000 springs contained in this mattress also work independently so you get no roll over when sleeping There is also a handy removable cover included which you can dry clean for complete hygiene at home In addition this removable cover includes Fresche Technology This is an antimicrobial treatment which combats odours fungi mites and bacteria As such it makes this mattress ideal for allergy sufferers or those who want a hygienic mattress to sleep onMany people find they get too hot during the night which then disturbs their sleep Over time this can leave you feeling moody tired and irritable The UNO Pocket 1000 Mattress helps solve this problem as it is ventilated for increased airflow This is also a true easycare product as there is no need to turn it to keep it in top condition Simply rotating it every now and then will help extend its lifespan With a depth of 20mm this mattress is suitable for bed frames and divansThe manufacturers are so confident that you will love this mattress that they give a 10year guarantee for the mattress core with each one Why not order yours at MattressNextDay today so you can get all of the above features With our lowest price promise you can be sure of not only getting the best nights sleep but also the best value

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