Dormeo Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 299.95

Smart technology is all around us in modern life and it can now help you sleep better The Octasmart Plus Mattress uses the latest smart tech to deliver improved sleep levels and a truly amazing experience Using patented technology taken from the aerospace sector it allows you to rest on a mattress which is the coolest and most comfy aroundBut how exactly does this mattress manage to be so special The real secret lies in how it mixes tech with the latest materials for outstanding performance The Octasmart Plus comes with a Medium firmness rating which makes it ideal for a wide range of people Neither too hard nor too soft it will help you wake up feeling refreshed every morningSmart design is sure to impressThis superb mattress has 3 innovative sleep technologies combined into one intelligent product These include Octaspring tech sees multiple 9cm Octasprings work as one to cradle your entire body as you rest They work in a 3 dimensional way to reduce pressure on your bodies sensitive areas when sleeping thanks to a smart body zone design Bottom layer of Ecocell foam which provides a stable base to the mattress and a 3D cell structure for extra comfortNextgen breathable mattress techThere is also the Octavent air system to marvel at when you buy this mattress This allows for the mattress to be 8 times more breathable and can lower the temperature of your bed by as much as 3C Not only will this help you to drop off at night but also prevent you from getting uncomfortable when asleep and waking up This is a patented piece of technology which allows the Octaspring tech and highend performance cover to work together in harmony Cool air is circulated through the mattress itself while hot air is allowed to escapeRelaxing bedtimes can be yoursAlong with all the other tech which this memory foam mattress includes there are also multiple comfort pockets to enjoy These give the feeling of sleeping on fluffy clouds and makes this mattress so comfortable and supportive These pockets also add a fresh feeling to bedtimes and help with air circulation Antiallergenic this mattress is also perfect for anyone who can be troubled by dust or mites when using a standard oneOrder the Octaspring Plus todayWe all like to do our bit for the planet and this is so easy now by simply buying the right items online The Octaspring Plus Mattress leaves 50 less in terms of environmental impact and is totally recyclable when finished with On top of this it is free from harsh chemicals and is certified by an OEKOTex certificate

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