Myers Bee Cosy 1450 Pocket Memory Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 274.95

The Myers Bee Cosy 1450 Pocket Memory mattress combines dense layers of memory foam and supportive reflex foam with no fewer than 1450 individual pocket springs for a deeper more comfortable mattress that never compromises on support The responsive memory foam and supportive reflex foam eliminate pressure points along the body so you have a more restful nights sleepEdgeMax sleeping surface for more roomDo you like to stretch out in bed Are you a bit of a starfish when it comes to sleeping The EdgeMax sleeping surface means youve both got more room to get comfortable without disturbing your partner by eliminating rolltogether unless you want to Each sleepers bodyweight is evenly distributed to minimise disturbance if you move around during the nightNo flip and turn for a lower maintenance mattressWith a traditional mattress you can prolong its life by flipping and turning every few months However its a heavy job and to be honest a bit of a pain The Myers Bee Cosy doesnt need flipping or turning as the memory foam and pocket spring combination offers continual support That makes it a much more hasslefree and low maintenance mattress to care for The lighter construction makes it easy to lift a corner when youre tucking in your sheets or when you rotate it headtotoe occasionally to prolong its lifeMade in the UKMyers design and construct their mattresses right here in the UK and give you a 5year guarantee for complete peace of mind too The mattress is approved by the National Bed Federation so you know youre buying a quality product from a manufacturer you can trust For those who find it difficult to get comfortable a memory foam mattress provides a bodyforming framework that supports all the way along the spine keeping it in the neutral position The foam also provides maximum pressure relief on key points such as the shoulders lower back and hips which in turn means less tossing and turning and a more restful nights sleep The combination of foam and pocket springs also allows the mattress to breathe keeping the air flowing through it for a fresher cooler environment

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