Cashmere Ortho Pocket 2000 Cool Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 289.95

For the ultimate upgrade in comfort why not treat yourself to MattressNextDays Cashmere Firm Encapsulated Pocket Cool 2000 mattress and take advantage of our lowest price promiseMade in a range of different sizes this luxurious mattress is the perfect accompaniment to any bed frame Its encapsulated pocket spring technology allows for enhanced support durability and motion absorption meaning this mattress will continue to provide you with a restful nights sleep without becoming uncomfortable or developing lumps over time It will even adapt to your movement patterns as you sleep while retaining its original shapeYou will also feel fresher and more revitalised from a night spent on the Pocket Cool 2000 mattress Its natural cashmere knitted fabric is woven to ease you into a peaceful light sleep so that your body can naturally fall into its regular sleep patternWith the mattresss sleep cool technology the 3D breathable border will also help you retain your bodys natural core temperature to ensure a longer uninterrupted night of restThe border is also encased in foam to provide further support around the edges ensuring less fraying around the corners and surfaces As an added bonus it will also help to keep those bed sheets firmly in placeThis firm mattress comes handtufted with an elegant design and is handmade exclusively in England with luxury fillings and a highdensity foam base to ensure maximum comfort and structural support As the mattress is manufactured to be onesided it doesnt need to be flipped

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