LUXX 6000 Mattress - Small Double (4' x 6'3")

£ 549.95

What is your perfect nights sleep Did you know that the average human being spends around 26 years of their life sleeping Did you also know that around 7 years of those 26 we spend just trying to get to sleep Can we do anything to shorten this and make it easier The answer is yes The first question to ask is Which mattress is right for meIntroducing the LUXX 6000The LUXX 6000 is just one of our premium range of mattresses with highly innovative sleep technology design to bring you an unmatched quality of sleep Its natural cellulosic fibres are derived from the essence of eucalyptus trees which brings the perfect balance to your skin for a healthy peaceful and quality sleep With its Tencal fabric you can also experience a cool and refreshing feeling all year round The highly durable fabric while as strong as polyester has a softassilk linenlike feel that is both cool and refreshing Moreover without the addition of chemical additives this mattress will naturally prevent the growth of any bacteria Allowing you to sleep soundly and with full peace of mind while the botanic origin provides the perfect breathing properties for added comfort and freshnessAnother of this mattresss great innovations come from the cool gel foam designed to provide firstrate comfort and support without pressure to give your whole body a feeling of pure weightlessness as you sleep This amazing feature will not only relieve pressure on the spine and provide longterm health benefits but also help maintain your bodys alignment as it settles into its natural sleeping position In addition the cool gel will also disperse of any unnecessary heat and give the mattress excellent breathability to keep the body at a relaxed and comfortable temperatureThe edgetoedge support for the LUXX 6000 comes in the form of an encapsulated pocket sprung unit with a foam perimeter for consistent levels of pressurerelief throughout the night while our highly advanced motion absorption technology provides a feeling of weightlessness leaving your sleep uninterrupted undisturbed and with an unrivalled comfort that you can depend on for years to come

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