LUXX 4000 Mattress - European King Size (160cm x 200cm)

£ 659.95

What is the perfect nights sleep to you The average human being spends 26 years of their life sleeping so the right mattress is not just a purchase but an investment Perhaps even more surprisingly we spend around 7 years of our lives trying to get to sleep With this in mind what should your perfect mattress be and what key features should you look for Are you looking for the perfect mix of comfort and firmness Do you need a mattress thats also kind to your skin as well as highly supportive and designed with longevity in mind Are you looking for something that will help you sleep uninterrupted and allow to wake up feeling fully refreshed Introducing the LUXX 4000The LUXX 4000 is one of many mattresses from our top line featuring our cuttingedge innovation deigned to give you the perfect night of pure comfort and uninterrupted sleep This sumptuous mattress with its natural cellulosic fibre derived from essence of the eucalyptus gives the perfect balance for healthy skin and quality sleep The cool and refreshing Tencel with its highly durable linenlike fabric has a silky soft feel that naturally prevents the growth of bacteria without the need addition of chemicals Moreover its botanic origin ensures that it has the right breathing properties to provide the perfect aircooling solution for the best possible sleep environment The edgetoedge supports comes in the form of an encapsulated pocket sprung unit with a foam perimeter for a consistent level of pressurerelief throughout the night while our highly advanced motion absorption technology provides a feeling of weightlessness leaving your sleep uninterrupted undisturbed and with an unrivalled comfort that you can depend on for years to come The sublime comfort of the highdensity blue foam provides exceptional support along with an outstanding firmness making this mattress not only better for your overall health and posture but also highly resilient to wear to tear and giving longterm durability and robustness to ensure peace of mind Simply put the LUXX 4000 mattress is the perfect blend of comfort stability and durability built to stand the test of time and provide the perfect nights sleep

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