Silentnight 2000 Mirapocket Pillow Top Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 379.95

The Silentnight 2000 Mirapocket 2000 Pillow Top Mattress removes many of the barriers which people face when trying to get a good nights sleep The 2000 individual springs ensure an optimum level of comfort preventing that uncomfortable rolltogether action that is common in many mattresses on the market Hypoallergenic the Silentnigth 2000 is also ideal for people who require a hygienic sleeping area andor those with allergiesMemory foam for maximum supportMemory foam rebounds quickly yet gently when pressure is removed allowing body contours to be supported regardless of body shape or positioning When the sleeper moves the memory foam rapidly accommodates this change in positionMedium firmnessDespite its medium firmness rating the Silentnight 2000 offers exceptional softness with the addition of premium pillowed padding This gives extra comfort without compromising on support The various layers of the mattress are also encased in an appealing quilted cover thats easy to keep cleanSilentnight is a premium UKmanufacturer with years of experience in creating mattresses that combine hitech materials with advanced construction technology to deliver supportive temperaturecontrolled mattresses Benefit from our bargain prices when you buy your Silentnight from us We provide mattresses from a selection of top brands at low prices enabling customers to enjoy luxury mattresses for a rock bottom cost

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