Silentnight 1000 Mirapocket Pillow Top Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 274.95

Do you need a mattress thats hypoallergenic as well as comfortable This pillow top mattress from Silentnight is made of synthetic materials which repel dust mites and bacteria Particularly for allergy sufferers or those for whom an extremely hygienic sleep environment is essential this mattress is a good choice1000 individual springs in each mattressEach of the one thousand springs in the mattress is carefully placed in its own separate pocket This ensures a consistently supportive surface no matter which way you roll or how you change position youll still find the same great level of supportMemory foam for unparalleled comfortMemory foam already has a deservedly excellent reputation for providing a comfortable nights sleep A synthetic material packed full of tiny air holes memory foam has the ability to both diffuse pressure which prevents uncomfortable sagging or rolling in at the same time as swiftly decompressing once weight is removed This combination results in optimal support for the whole bodyExtra pillow layer paddingBeneath the attractive quilted cover is a generous layer of additional padding This adds an additional sumptuous touch to this premium mattressDurable medium support mattressSuitable for sleepers of all shapes and sizes get your UKmade Silentnight 1000 mattress for less when you buy it from us We offer a wide selection of branded mattresses at significantly discounted prices enabling you to get the best for less when you use us for your mattress needs

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