Shire Amaryliss Pocket 1000 Mattress - King Size (5' x 6'6")

£ 214.95

The Amaryliss mattress uses pocket spring technology to create a spectacular sleeping environment and the perfect sharer mattress with a mediumfirm support system and 18cm depth With its flawless finish in tufted detailing and damask cover the spring engineering taking place beneath means that the Amaryliss is the perfect blend of the classic and the contemporaryAre you confused by the difference between pocket springs and regular springs No fear Pocket springs are clusters of springs within the mattress that are housed in their own containers or pockets this means that these concentrated springs can work independently of one another Due to their independent nature pocket springs offer more support as you sleep This format makes these mattresses the ideal option for two people sharing avoiding that rolltogether feelingThe other great thing about pocket springs is that this style of mattress is often denser than your classic spring unit thats why this mattress has a polyester layer The polyester allows for the Amaryliss to move fresh air through the layers in summer and keep that lovely heat in winterThe Amaryliss mattress offers medium to firm support for you and your family This rating makes the Amaryliss the perfect mattress for two as it gives you a cosy and comforting feeling while also providing orthopaedic help where you need it Doesnt this all sound too good to be true Well it gets better you get the Amaryliss mattress at our low price promise too Youre welcome

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