Shire Jasmine Latex Mattress - Double (4'6" x 6'3")

£ 179.95

The Jasmine mattress is the ultimate mattress in the Shires Rest and Roll collection This magnificent piece is a true allrounder offering the best in sleep technology with a cushioned 18cm depth With its 135 spring unit the Jasmine uses a traditional build to create its medium feel support However it also uses latex and bamboo to give you a durable and comfortable mattress to provide you with the best nights sleep possibleThe latex layer has multiple ticks against its name Firstly latex is hypoallergenic antimicrobial and dust mite resistant isnt that everything you want in a mattress Secondly latex is consistent it doesnt wear and tear like other natural materials so it gives you perfect sleep conditions whatever the weather and for many yearsThe addition of cotton and polyester layers ensures that the Jasmine regulates itself through the seasons The Jasmine retains warm air in the winter keeping you cosy during long nights while keeping you cool and serene in the humid summer Doesnt that sound just perfectThe bamboo stretch fabric creates a smooth and comfortable topper using natural fibres This fabric creates a calm and serene effect that completely disguises all of the hard work that your mattress is doing to keep you peaceful The tufted finish then keeps these hardworking layers together with a stylish effectAll of this incredible engineering comes at our low price promise an offer that shouldnt be missed Try the Jasmine today to get the best nights sleep youll ever have

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