Shire Violet Cool Memory Mattress - King Size (5' x 6'6")

£ 189.95

The Violet mattress is the colourful jewel in the Shire crown This medium feel soft yet supportive mattress gives you the best of both worlds with its 135 spring unit and a cool blue memory foam layer The Violet brings these fantastic elements together with a clean 17cm depth This excellent Roll rest mattress also gives you a medium rated support level bringing you one of the most versatile mattresses on the marketThe beauty of the Shires Violet is in its dynamic layering system The spring layer brings you that traditional reliable support providing the best possible care as you sleep While the springs give you a solid foundation the memory foam layer contours to your body this gives you specialised individual support for your pressure points In essence Violet gives you support where you need it most Plus that gorgeous memory foam layer will provide you with one of the most comfortable nights sleepThe cool blue exterior brings a contemporary feel to this dynamic mattress The polyester layer is where the real magic begins to show This humanmade fabric rejects moisture meaning that humidity and sweat wont collect in your mattress The Violets small pores allow for heat to be retained in winter keeping you warm and cosy Doesnt that sound like the perfect mattress to you Theres just one more thing This fantastic mattress is offered to you with our lowest price promise meaning that not only do you get a supportive dreamily cosy mattress you get it at the best price possible

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