Relaxsan Teflon Firm Mattress - European King Size (160cm x 200cm)

£ 359.95

Firm mattresses are often the product of choice for those who need that little bit of extra help when it comes to body positioning Designed in Italy the Teflon Firm mattress is a perfect option in this regard as it has been rated two on the comfort level meaning it is almost as firm as possibleNo matter what your body shape might be the combination of Orthosoft technology and ergonomic support means that this mattress will mould to your body and give you the relaxing nights sleep that you deserve The Orthofirm layer that this mattress comes with is 15cm in size so there is a decent amount of support availableOverall the mattress itself has a height of 18cm and this is formed both by the Orthofirm layer and also by various others This includes a winter side made out of warming wool plus a side for the hotter months which is padded in a breathable manner to make sure that you dont get too warm while sleeping during a heatwave And there are antiallergy properties to this mattress as well which makes it just right for those who experience reactions easilyThe Teflon Firm also offers a range of other benefits too It is designed to be fireretardant which means that in the event of a blaze the mattress will be a stronger line of defence compared to some others on the market And the fabric used to make the item is sanitised which means that quality is certainly a given no matter what We can offer this mattress at its lowest online price too and thanks to its warranty period of six years it can be purchased without fears that youll be left with a mattress that doesnt work as you wanted later down the line

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