MLILY Aria Hybrid Mattress - Double (4'6" x 6'3")

£ 509.95

The MLILY Aria Hybrid Mattress for those looking for a quality mattress that comes in a condensed form rolled up for your easeThe Aria features cool technology infused with memory foam providing a more cooling and refreshing sleep The mattress also consists of Hybrid MiniSprings specially designed to react individually to pressure and motion as you sleepThe foam within this mattress has been engineered for zoned support within the base creating a pocketed system of support with maximises airflow and comfort Hybrid Technology has been custombuilt for performance This bed is crafted to help you recover quicker and sleep more completelyFree Pillows1x free MLILY Aria Pillow is supplied for a Single size mattress 2x free MLILY Aria Pillows for Double size and larger mattresses Pillows are supplied inside the box with the mattress

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