Relaxsan Memotouch Mattress - Super King (6' x 6'6")

£ 354.95

The Memotouch mattress is designed for those who highly value breathability when it comes to heading to sleep at night Thats because of its 3D band which offers an increase in airflowBut thats not all This soft mattress is designed with many different layers of material so that you can benefit from crosscutting and cooperating mattress technologies Relaxsan fabric is the first layer and this is followed by 2cm of quilted Memorex padding offering you that soft feeling when you get into bed And finally theres a 17cm Orthosoft layer at the bottomIn terms of dimensions this mattress has a height of 20cm And with regard to its width and length it comes in everything from a single bed format of 90cm x 190cm to a double size king size and even super king sizeThis mattress has various distinctive features First off it provides strong anatomical support so no matter what your body shape might be this mattress can help you get a good nights sleep It also comes with a removable cover so you can clean the outer parts of it easily Its also designed to be an antiallergic too so if you have previously had problems with dust mites or similar this mattress can help you wave goodbye to thoseThanks to its softness meanwhile the item has a designated comfort level of seven Due to our lowest price promise you wont get this item with all of its many diverse benefits more cheaply anywhere else on the Internet It even comes with a sixyear warranty too And with its OEKOTEX certification you can purchase this item safe in the knowledge that there are no environmentally unfriendly substances used in the mattress either

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