Slumberland Natural Luxury 1400 Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 409.95

As the name suggests Slumberlands Natural range of mattresses explores a huge range of natural fibres designed with comfort luxury and practicality in mind 1400 individual Posturepockets work to give you the best support for your body The springs are even firmer towards the sides improving the structure of the mattress and ensuring it lasts for many years to comeThis durability is combined with layers of bamboo alpaca fibres and wool all renewable and sustainable materials that let your skin breathe naturally whilst feeling cosy and warm all night long The final luxurious touch is a layer of cashmere silk which feels amazing on the skin plus helps keep you cool and dry even on hot nightsThe fabric on this mattress is treated with a probiotic which discourages the buildup of harmful bacteria and allergens This works to prevent coughing and wheezing in bed and may be highly beneficial to those who suffer from asthmaAll Slumberland mattresses are lovingly handcrafted in the UK by a company with over a hundred years experience and knowledge of what makes a great nights sleep

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