SleepSoul Emotion 1000 Series Pocket Cool Gel Mattress - Double (4'6" x 6'3")

£ 229.95

If you consistently get hot during the night and find your sleep is disturbed the SleepSoul Emotion 1000 Series Pocket Cool Gel Mattress is what you need to enjoy a cooler and deeper nights sleep This mattress has a comfort rating of 3 providing you with a medium level of firmnessThe pressuresensitive mattress makes it feel as though you are floating and the inclusion of pocket springs provides incredible support The design prevents the typical roll together effect that can occur with other mattresses meaning you wont roll towards the middle during sleep or be disturbed by your partners movements The foam encased side walls provide strong support at the edges so you can sleep right up to the edge of your SleepSoul Emotion 1000 Pocket Cool Gel MattressUnderneath the top layer of luxurious quilting the advanced coolgel layer responds to your bodys temperature regulating and reducing the buildup of heat in the mattress This ensures you enjoy cooler sleep and therefore sleep for longer

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