Dormeo Reflections Bliss Hybrid 2000 Pocket Memory Mattress - Double (4'6" x 6'3")

£ 459.95

Featuring Dormeos unique Reflect foam the Reflections Bliss Hybrid 2000 is comfortable cooling and supportive Benefit from pocket springs flexible memory foam and the latest mattress technology with minimal maintenance requiredA breath of fresh airIts use of breathable foam means that the Reflections Bliss mattress has an incredibly long lifespan Air flows freely through the mattress keeping it fresh and free from dust allergens and bacteriaYour body heat is pulled away naturally by the flowing air keeping you cool as though youre always lying on a pillow that youve flipped to the cool side And a softtouch knitted cover easy to remove and wash will keep you in sumptuous comfortThe right support all overSupporting your spine whilst reducing pressure on sensitive areas like your hips Dormeos Reflect foam works for bodies of all shapes and sizes Whilst some mattresses can feel too soft or too firm the Hybrid 2000 adapts to you for just the right level of support Studies show that 4cm of Reflect foam can reduce pressure up to four times more than a traditional mattressMade for you and for twoSharing the bed can result in lower quality sleep as the movements of one person affect the position of the other With the Reflections Bliss Hybrid mattress thats simply not a concern Flexible Octasprings move independently supporting each person without any impact on their partnerEasy careThe Hybrid 2000 is a singlesided mattress with no need to flip for maintenance Instead it requires only occasional rotation from endtoend to remain at its best for many years With a cover that you can remove and clean and the very best materials inside the Bliss Hybrid 2000 provides night after night of soothing sleep

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