Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid PLUS Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 649.95

A mattress with memory foam pocket springs and a medium firmness rating the Octaspring Hybrid Plus is both comfortable and supportive Its 27cm deep available for Single Double King and Super King beds and features breathable layers that keep you cool for a deep and restful sleepDormeos unique Octasprings flexible in all dimensions with superior ventilation are constantly adjusting underneath you They flex and move independently moulding to your body regardless of weight and sleeping position Made of memory foam the Octasprings bounce back every single time for longlasting nighttime supportFive body zones of different strength and density make the Hybrid Plus a pleasure to sleep on They encourage your body to move into positions that will benefit your spine improve your circulation and help you to wake achefree A Superstretch cover soft and luxurious is provided as standard Its removable and washable helping to prolong the life of your Dormeo mattress alongside the breathable Octaspring technology Meanwhile Ecofresh treatment keeps your mattress free from allergens mites and dustThough thanks to the uniquely adaptive flexibility of Octasprings it will never need to be flipped The Hybrid Plus offers comfort and practicality in one package shaped to the contours of your body

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