Sleepeezee G3 Memory Pocket 3200 Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 619.95

With a total of eight comfortable layers all designed to give you a great nights sleep the G3 Memory Pocket mattress has received the royal seal of approvalRoyal Warrant holders Sleepeezee have created in the G3 a supportive and comfortable mattress Made using memory foam highquality fabrics and a total of 3200 springs its the perfect addition to your bedroomWhy choose the G3 mattressIt all begins with a top layer featuring a luxurious knitted cover that enhances overall airflow This knitted layer helps to take heat away from your body keeping you cool on even the hottest summer nightBelow this top layer find a soft polyester layer Below that there are six more layers including memory foam highdensity support and two different layers of springs A base layer of traditional pocket springs is topped by a layer of Softech springs creating a mattress thats strong and supportive These two layers work independently flexibly adjusting to your bodys overnight movements Each spring distributes your weight with incredible precision whether youre lying on your side or on your backMoisturewicking memory foam and the knitted surface will keep warm air away from your body This mattress includes two layers of Graphite memory foam plus a layer of flexible Reflex foamWhat are the benefits of the G3 mattressThe G3 mattress is the result of more than almost 100 years of experience The experts at Sleepeezee know exactly what theyre doing and have used their skills and knowledge to produce new mattresses that are more flexible and comfortable than ever Each layer of this mattress has been included for very good reason resulting in a longlasting sleeping surface that adjusts to individual usersThe G3 Memory Pocket 3200 mattress does not need to be regularly flipped or rotated Itll keep its shape with minimal maintenance and is a UKmade product

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