Sleepeezee G4 Memory Pocket 4200 Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 709.95

For the best in overnight comfort choose the Sleepeezee G4 mattressCreated by Royal Warrant holders using almost 100 years of experience and mattress development the G4 Memory Pocket 4200 is truly a work of artFeaturing eight separate layers all working together to maximise comfort and support this mattress is UKmade and receives the royal seal of approvalWhy choose the G4 mattressWith its top layer that provides all of the soft and flexible comfort of a pillow the G4 mattress will have you feeling the difference straight away Below the pillow top seven further layers create the perfect sleeping surfaceGraphite memory foam reflex foam layers of soft polyester and a total of 4200 springs make this a top quality mattress that flexes and moulds around your bodyAs well as two separate layers of flexible Softech springs separated by a doubledepth layer of memory foam this mattress features a layer of triedandtested traditional pocket springs Each layer works independently yet all work in harmony to adjust to your movements overnightDeep layers of Graphite memory foam pull the heat away from your body which makes this a soothing sleeping surface even in the middle of the summerWhat are the benefits of the G4 mattressThe G4 mattress features 4200 springs all moving independently to fully support your body This mattress can provide the right level of support for people of all shapes and sizes maintaining its shape night after night throughout its lengthy lifespanThis is a singlesided mattress which is low maintenance and never needs to be flipped You should always keep the traditional pocket springs on the bottom and the feathersoft pillow surface on the top to take full advantage of this marvel of engineeringHow to buy the G4 mattressWe offer price guarantee for peace of mind with our lowest price promise Well match the price if you find the G4 cheaper elsewhere subject to terms and conditions

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