Dunlopillo Diamond PLUS Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 754.95

This revolutionary mattress is a musthave for people looking for quality and style Once youve slept on a Dunlopillo Diamond Plus mattress youll wonder how you ever lived without one Supportive and comfortable A great balance of supportive layers and plush softness this mattress is the ideal choice for anyone The ergonomic layers are strategically designed to support areas of the body that need it most your spine and shoulders are supported while your muscles are allowed to decompress and relax After a long day at work youll be eager to sink into this luxurious mattressBreathable technology The secret to a great nights sleep is the breathable material your mattress is made from Each latex layer of the Diamond Plus mattress is made up of interconnecting air bubbles that promote air circulation this helps to regulate your bodys temperature keeping you cool even in the warmer months Durable design The Dunlopillo Diamond Plus Mattress is designed to be loved for many years to come The latex foam holds its shape and doesnt even need to be rotated to remain in excellent condition Not only can the Dunlopillo Plus cover keep you cool but it can also protect your mattress improving its longevity

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