Dunlopillo Firmrest PLUS Mattress - Small Double (4' x 6'3")

£ 994.95

As the firmest mattress in the Dunlopillo range the Firmrest Plus is perfect for people wanting to support their muscles and wake up feeling revitalisedAdapts to your body contours While its only 18cm deep each layer of the Dunlopillo Firmrest Plus Mattress has been designed to support your body and improve sleep posture Your weight will be evenly distributed across the mattress even if you move around in your sleep this means youll wake up feeling fresh instead of achy Good for your health If you get a great nights sleep other health benefits will follow Touchably soft and comfortable this mattress ensures a deep sleep night after night With innovative antibacterial and antiallergen properties your bed will look and feel clean and you can avoid nighttime coughs and sneezesA low maintenance mattress The Firmrest Plus mattress isnt made with handles as it doesnt need to be rotated in order to maintain its shape and structure The softtouch cover increases the longevity of your mattress and is easy to clean and replace

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