Mammoth Shine Advanced Softer Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 1 274.95

The Mammoth Shine Advanced Softer Mattress is a top of the range product offering maximum comfort with a luxurious 30cm depth If youre looking for the ultimate in quality with the soft level of support that you need this mattress is the perfect solutionManufactured with medicalgrade foam the mattress responds to the weight and shape of your body ensuring the highest level of comfort for a perfect nights sleep The added benefit of hypoallergenic fireresistant materials make this mattress ideal for allergy sufferers and the Tencel fibre cover helps moisture to evaporate quickly to limit the growth of bacteriaSinglesided so no need to suffer the inconvenience of having to turn your new mattress regularly the mattress comes with a 10year manufacturers warranty as a guarantee of quality

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