Mammoth Shine Plus Firmer Mattress - Small Double (4' x 6'3")

£ 1 179.95

The Mammoth Shine Plus Firmer Mattress offers a higher level of support to those who prefer a bit of extra stability while they sleepThe hypoallergenic fireresistant material and Tencel fibre cover make this mattress ideal for allergy sufferers and helps to keep bacteria at bay by allowing moisture to quickly evaporateOffering a deeper and more luxurious feel to the Mammoth Essentials range the Plus Firmer mattress benefits from a cushioned depth of 27cm adding that extra level of comfort with five support zonesSinglesided to avoid the need for turning the mattress only needs to be flipped headtotoe every so often which is easy to do with the sturdy fabric handlesThe 10year manufacturer warranty that comes as standard with this mattress speaks for itself

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