Mammoth Shine Plus Medium Mattress - King Size (5' x 6'6")

£ 1 364.95

The Mammoth Shine Plus Medium Pocket Mattress offers a midlevel of support and is perfect for bed sharers fed up of being disturbed during the nightOffering a deeper more luxurious feel to the Mammoth Essentials range the 2000 mounted pocket springs help balance the mattress during the night preventing bed roll and ensuring that even if your partner tosses and turns you wont be disturbedMade from hypoallergenic material and benefiting from the unique Tencel fibre cover your mattress will say fresh hygienic and dust mite free a perfect solution for allergy sufferersWith its singlesided design you dont need to waste energy turning the mattress and the easy fabric handles make it a breeze to move around if you need to

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