Hyder Backcare Ultimate 3000 Mattress - Small Double (4' x 6'3")

£ 374.95

If youve been looking for the ultimate mattress for back pain sufferers or you simply want a firm yet comfortable sleep the Backcare Ultimate 3000 is the answer Designed from the ground up with comfort and support in mind this dualsided extra firm mattress prevents excess curvature of the spine during sleep a key cause of back pain The Backcare Ultimate 3000 is built with series 3000 pocket springs to provide uniquely zoned support across the full span of the mattress This means that disturbances on one side of the bed wont impact the other so you can always rest assured of a peaceful night For additional back support this premium mattress also includes an extra deep wool layer made using exclusive British brand wool The fabric itself is a natural viscose for a light yet versatile feel and the mattress is finished with a delicate side stitch border for that extra touch of style

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