Sealy Alderney 1000 Pocket Geltex Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 429.95

Handmade in the UK the Alderney mattress from Sealy offers unrivalled comfort and superior support If you need a mediumfirm mattress to sleep properly on then this is the perfect choice for you Sealy have included 1000 pocket springs that are clustered in zones throughout the mattress This delivers amazing stability to your body when youre asleep in the areas where its most neededAlso contained in the innovative design is a 4cm deep Geltex layer This shapes itself to the contours of your body and helps to reduce pressure on your joints when resting The Geltex material has been developed with a clever open cell design to help control your temperature when sleeping With this feature in place you will always enjoy a solid nights sleep without waking up too hotThe Alderney has been hand tufted for increased longevity and comes with a knitted cover This cover is made from ultrasoft Tencel materials and smart fibres Not only does this make the mattress naturally hypoallergenic but its also very comfortable to sleep on When you want to rotate it robust turning handles make it simple

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