MLILY Dream 4000 Mattress - King Size (5' x 6'6")

£ 779.95

Cool comfortable and designed to offer an unbeatable nights sleep the Mlily Dream 4000 is the perfect choice for your new mattress Made up of ten specially designed layers and boasting a number of unique features the mattress will revolutionise the way you sleepLayers of comfortThe Mlily Dream 4000 is made up of ten separate layers From the nano cool Ice Fibre surface to the gel memory foam interior each layer adds to the overall comfort and performance of the mattressHighperformance design At the core of the mattress are 2000 minisoft series Xsprings while 2000 further hybrid support springs can be found even deeper inside the product Combined with the other layers in the mattress these springs provide unbeatable support exceptional comfort and a fantastic nights sleep

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