Silentnight Memory 7 Zone Mattress - European Single (90cm x 200cm)

£ 259.95

Sleep doesnt get much better than this the Memory 7 Zone Mattress from Silentnight tailors to your bodys needsThis mattress offers complete full body support from edge to edge Designed to target 7 major areas of the body your hips shoulders and lower back will be individually comforted It means aches and pains will be soothed as the mattress melts to fit your body This is down to a luxurious layer of temperaturesensitive memory foam which moulds to different shapes while ensuring your temperature is regulated accordinglyThe Silentnight Memory 7 Zone Mattress also offers individual sleep zones thanks to a layer of Miratex foam This means whether you sleep alone or not everyone can get a good nights sleepAnd whats more this one of a kind mattress has a soft quilted cover which can be taken off to clean

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