Shire Cool Memory Classic Mattress - Super King (6' x 6'6")

£ 264.95

Handmade in the UK by The Shire Bed Company this is a perfect mattress for the whole family The medium to firm feel it has gives enough support to your body when asleep without being too hard The artisan design process sees handtufted fabric incorporated for superb comfort and longevity This mattress also contains innovative memory foam which allows it to mould to your body shape when used This ensures you get the optimum level of support and stability for a peaceful nights restWith an open coil spring construction this mattress is both durable and also superb for keeping your body in perfect alignment when asleep The design helps to promote good posture when in bed to relieve head or back pain which you could otherwise experience With less pressure on your hips and shoulders and your spine gently aligned you will feel fully refreshed each morning The hypoallergenic cool touch fabric is also superb for keeping you cool due to the way it helps your body to regulate its temperature and moisture to dissipate while you sleep

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