Mammoth Rise Essential Mattress - Double (4'6" x 6'3")

£ 524.95

The Rise Essential Mattress by Mammoth combines cutting edge foam technology with traditional mattressmaking techniques providing supreme sleeping comfort at an affordable price The mattress is of medium firmness and provides targeted support zones to ensure your body is comfortably cocooned while you sleep making it suitable for both back and sidesleepersMammoths Medical Grade Foam with built in PostureCell comfort technology is used in the upper layers of the mattress This foam layer is naturally cooling to make sure that sleepers are kept at a comfortable temperature throughout the night Below the foam layer of the Rise Essential is a base layer of 1000 fullsized pocket springs for a bouncy feelIf all that wasnt enough the Rise Essential Mattress is also scientifically proven to help you get a better nights sleep It is hypoallergenic and is delivered vacuum packed and rolled to make sure that delivery and installation is quick and easy

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