Sleepeezee Heritage Gold Pocket Mattress - Double (4'6" x 6'3")

£ 409.95

The Sleepeezee Heritage Gold Pocket Mattress contains 1400 pocketed springs that distribute your weight evenly for great spinal supportEach spring is individually pocketed ensuring that any movement on one spring will not affect adjacent springs This is very important in preventing any movement by a person on one side of the bed disturbing a partner on the other side of the bedThe mattress is tufted and filled with luxurious wool and silk for comfort This quality mattress has three rows of side stitching which helps to give the same support at the edge of the mattress as there is over the rest of the mattress There are air vents built into the sides of the mattress to allow it to breathe and keep it from getting too warmIt is advisable to change the mattress head to toe to ensure equal wear The Sleepeezee Heritage Gold Mattress combines a supportive pocket sprung system with superior fillings and a luxury Belgian damask to make a quality sleep system for you and your body

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