Dunlopillo GO Excel Mattress - Super King (6' x 6'6")

£ 1 204.95

Having been around since 1929 Dunlopillo is one of the most renowned bedding brands in the world The Dunlopillo Excel Mattress is a top of the range product designed with a natural latex core which moulds to the shape of your body instantly providing optimum support tension and comfort when you need it most The addition of pocket springs strengthens the mattresss ability to offer maximum support while you sleep to prevent aches and pains caused by pressure points a common problem with traditional mattresses The highquality covering also helps to remove excess heat and moisture from the mattress aiding a good nights sleep and ensuring that you wake up fresh and ready to start the dayAs a result of its highquality material construction and modern manufacturing process the Dunlopillo Excel Mattress will save you the hassle of regularly needing to turn your mattress only requiring you to do so once a season

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