Dreamland Jasmine Mattress - King Size (5' x 6'6")

£ 154.95

The Dreamland Jasmine Mattress has a depth of approximately seven inches and benefits from a durable standard spring system resilient layers of polyester fillings giving you quality at a very competitive priceThe Sleep Comfort mattress has as its main feature a spring unit a robust standard spring system thats also known as a Bonnell spring Standard spring units are made up of rows of hourglass shaped springs connected at the top and bottom by a spiral wire known as a helical wire The mattress border is strengthened by a thick 8gauge steel rod edge wire that allows you to use the full width of the sleeping surfaceThe mattress is fully upholstered in a Damask cover which is a hardwearing stitchbond fabric and features a medium loft micro quilted top Micro quilting is a process that stitches together the outer cover to the top layers of fillings and reduces upholstery movementThe mattress is also Hypoallergenic making it ideal for anybody that suffers from any allergies The Jasmine from Dreamland Beds is very competitively priced but is of excellent quality and should last for many years

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