Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid Mattress - Double (4'6" x 6'3")

£ 694.95

The new Octaspring True Hybrid is exactly what it says A perfect hybrid of the new and the traditional A mattress that combines an upper layer of Octasprings revolutionary memory foam springs with a lower layer of hundreds of traditional metal pocket springs it provides a truly unique sleep experience which cools comforts and cradles the body for a healthy and restful sleepThe upper 5cm layer of viscoelastic Octaspring foam springs is topped with 2cm of comforting memory foam offering 7cm of deep breathable memory foam comfortOctasprings innovative memory foam spring technology provides a constant cooling flow of fresh air through the core of the mattress preventing heat buildup allowing warm air to flow out of the mattress into the room This Octaspring layer rests on top of a bed of hundreds of traditional pocket springs offering even weight distribution and more bounce than memory foam is known forItll also be cooling and therell be no transfer of movement which means you wont be disturbed by your partners movements during the night

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