Relyon Luxury Silk 2850 Pillow Top Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 629.95

Fall into the most relaxing night sleep youll ever experience with the Relyon Luxury Silk 2850 Pillow Top Mattress it is sure to revolutionise the way you sleep The deep soft layers of the mattress provide support as well as indescribable comfort Sink into the lush cotton layer while the pocket springs mould to the contours of your body the springs give your body the necessary support it needs so that you wake up refreshed instead of aching It has a combined spring count of 2850 pocket springs in varying sizes which are dispersed throughout the mattress meaning that your weight is evenly distributed as you sleepCashmere and silk only enhance the plush texture of this deluxe mattress They are seamlessly blended into an insulation layer providing durable support that feels high end Is it time you gave your mattress a luxury upgrade The Relyon mattress truly is the most comfortable in the Natural collection Try it today

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