Relyon Luxury Alpaca 2550 Mattress - Small Double (4' x 6'3")

£ 734.95

The Relyon Luxury Alpaca 2550 Mattress is a must for those who are looking for the ultimate sleep experience Made from natural materials such as pashmina wool and alpaca you will enjoy the benefits of having a breathable mattress that has moisturewicking propertiesHandcrafted by experts the Alpaca mattress will bring to you years of peaceful sleep The mattress structure consists of 2550 pocket springs and these give the best postural support through their independent movement Any body shape is perfectly supported and the deep layers of soft filling are dust free and resilientYou will also enjoy the benefits of four rows of side stitching which gives the edges a more robust borderIf the quality of your sleep is important to you then the Reylon Alpaca natural mattress is the ultimate choice

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