Relyon Luxury Pashmina 2350 Mattress - Small Double (4' x 6'3")

£ 684.95

The Relyon Luxury Pashmina 2350 Mattress has over 2000 pocket springs with natural wool and pashmina blended in This gives you plenty of support and a luxurious feel to offer you the best nights sleepThe 2350 individual pocket springs give you postural support all through the night for every part of your body Since they move independently too they also stop any disturbances elsewhere in the bed from affecting someone on the other side of the mattressNatural wool and pashmina have been blended into the insulation layer making the mattress soft and comfortable Plus the handmade wool tufts and robust border stitching mean it will remain in a great condition throughout its 8 year guaranteeThe firm edge support allows you to use the full width of the mattress whatever size you choosePart of Relyons Natural Collection this luxury mattress will allow you a rejuvenating nights sleep with all the softness of pashmina and the support of over 2000 pocket springs

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