Tuft Springs Solitaire 2000 Pocket Memory Pillow Top Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 474.95

If youre somebody that suffers from allergies or for whom keeping dust and dirt to an absolute minimum is a priority the Solitaire mattress may be what youre looking for Beneath a textured cover made of luxury softtouch stretch fabric is a generous layer of synthetic memory foam and reflex foam Memory foam is a polyurethanebased material that is renowned for its ability to distribute pressure and reform as pressure is moved across its surface Used as part of a mattress it offers an excellent level of support without the billowing and bouncing which can be all too common in inferior mattresses Air vents and synthetic materials make it difficult for germs and bugs to thrive maximising the chances of a hygienic sleep experienceAdditional spring supportAs well as dualdensity fibre synthetic fillings the Solitaire contains a two thousand skillfully positioned pocket springs that provide additional comfort Their careful positioning across the entire mattress means that sleepers can move freely during the night and still enjoy the benefits of a supportive sleep surfaceGorgeous detailFrom beautifully embroidered handles for easy movement through to a side stitched border that benefits from additional embroidery this mattress has been made to delight the eye as well as please the sleeper Singlesided we recommend periodic rotation but no flippingMediumfirm supportThe combination of materials and technologies used in the Solitaire results in a mattress which offers a strong level of support for sleepers who like a more resilient surface Made in the UK by a company that adheres to the strict mattress construction standards laid down by the National Bed Federation NBF Tuft Spring are delighted to provide this topquality mattress to our valued customers

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