Tuft Springs Chantilly 3000 Pocket Natural Pillow Top Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 429.95

For sleepers who like the idea of snuggling down into soft luxurious layers of mattress comfort the Chantilly 3000 Pillow Top is an ideal choice As the name suggests beneath the premium viscose damask cover are additional layers of padding This gives a sumptuous soft feel to the mattress without compromising on the support it offers Allnatural wool along with fine fabric woven from the cotton plant has been skilfully layered to provide a superior level of comfortBuiltin hygiene and ventilationThe Chantilly 3000 has been constructed with easy use and high levels of hygiene in mind Side vents on the mattress promote air circulation whilst the singlesided design means theres no need to expend effort on regular turning this is a mattress thats made to wear well in one position although we do recommend occasional headtotoe turning to facilitate this the Chantilly comes with beautifully embroidered firmly stitched handles Note that the cover is easy to wipe down making it a simple matter to keep the mattress fresh3000 springs provide impressive supportA medium level of support is achieved through the use of three thousand separate springs One thousand individually placed and pocketed springs are supplemented by two thousand mini springs for additional support This results in a mattress surface that spreads pressure consistently when sleepers move the mattress effortlessly absorbs the pressure differences providing the same level of resistanceChantilly 3000 an attractive investmentAs an NBF National Bed Federation manufacturer we are constantly revisiting every aspect of our operation in order to ensure that we create mattresses that offer quality and value From tiny touches such as our detailed label and embroidered side stitched borders through to advanced sciencebased designs we are dedicated to creating outstanding UKmade mattresses that will provide years of comfortable sleeping

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