Tuft Springs Marquis 1000 Pocket Natural Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 274.95

A beautifully constructed mattress that offers an exceptional level of comfort support and durability the Marquis 1000 is British made from premium materials Featuring sumptuous layers of natural wool for superb temperature control the mattress also incorporates polyester and fine cotton The result is a mattress thats hardwearing and easy to keep clean as well as cool enough for summer use and warm enough for chillier nights A viscose fabric cover helps to wick moisture away from the body aiding a good nights slumber1000 Pocket springs for great supportThe Marquis 1000 is rated softmedium when it comes to mattress firmness For sleepers this means an irresistible combination of soft snuggly comfort fused with a supportive surface that helps every part of the body to rest easy The secret to the Marquiss success is a thousand pocket springs Located in the middle of the mattress each spring is encased in its own little compartment An even spread of springs across the whole surface area allows a change of position during the night with no reduction in sleep qualityA beautiful highly functional mattressLittle touches can make a big difference the embroidered handles of the Marquis look amazing and make regular mattress turning more manageable Complementing the embroiders border the end result is a product that makes an understated style statement Air vents help with hygiene and temperature control providing further comfortUK made by an NBF memberAs the label states this is a UKmade product manufactured by a member of the National Bed Federation an organisation whose members are committed to creating innovative technologically advanced mattresses that offer unparalleled levels of comfort safety and longevity If youre looking for a wellmade attractive mattress that is built to aid restful nights the Marquis 1000 is a good option

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