Relyon Vienna Ortho 1000 Pocket Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 454.95

If youre looking for a firm mattress which delivers on support and provides outstanding comfort the Relyon Vienna Ortho Pocket Luxury Mattress is just what you need so that you wake up feeling fresh as a daisy every morningFrom the Relyon Heritage Collection this luxury mattress is made with a layer of lambs wool for added comfort and natural insulation Lambs wool has hygroscopic properties which encourage the evaporation of body moisture helping you to have a comfortable nights sleepThe Vienna Ortho Mattress has been designed with individual support in mind The 1000 centre tied pocketed spring system contours to the shape of your body giving you the ultimate comfort The mattress also has resilient reflex foam which helps to prevent you rolling to one side or into the middle of the bed In addition the mattress is made with supreme soft white cotton which response to the spring system ensuring that you sleep in absolute comfortReylons mattress is perfect for allergy sufferers and for those conscious about hygiene The foam in the mattress is sterilised and dust free meaning that dust mites cannot survive There is a layer of soft white fibre which is also dust free adding further comfort and quality to the mattress Reylon has also designed the mattress with antibacterial protection known as Silver Protection This greatly lowers microbial growth providing a hygienic and fresh mattressFurthermore the handcrafted finish ensures that the utmost quality has gone into making this luxurious mattress Using traditional methods the mattress is hand tufted with felt tufts to ensure that the filling stays secure There are also two rows of hand side stitching which prevents the springs from distorting and helps to make the edges of the mattress stronger meaning that you will have a longlasting top quality mattress

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